Due Diligence

Buying and Selling

Buying and selling are two important transactions related to real estate hence we believe that it should be done clearly and with transparency.


Our experts are always there for you to help you for the process. One should look for their budget, location, area and size before taking the decision of buying. Once all these factors are satisfied then one should move towards next step.

Make a valid offer for buying where our agents would remain present with you so that everything can go smooth. With the consent of both the parties (buyer and seller), the agreement can be signed. Pay the decided amount of deposit to the concerned member and settle down with the land that is now legally yours.


Selling a real estate all by you can be a tough game. With us, it will be a lot easy. The reason is that we have a large database of genuine buyers. We have references of international buyers too who can give you a good price for your piece of cake. Our experts will handle the buyers and make sure that we help you sell in property as soon as possible with the best possible price. With us you are sure that you will get in touch with genuine buyers where your land and money are safe.


Our teams of experts are passionately making a research on each property that is labeled for investment. Their fore sight and knowledge makes us distinct from the rest. We have ‘No compromise’ and ‘best quality’ fever. We look thoroughly into your search criteria, sources and best ever negotiation to be make to help you with an investment. We take your hassle on us and make sure that your objective is fulfilled by us till the end and till you are satisfied.

Due Diligence checklist

Before buying a property certain issues should be checked upon. Here’s list of some of them

  • In urban area, where the density of the population is high then you may be affected by noise, odor and traffic created. Thus before getting into a local area, get to know it first and understand whether it will be alright with you or not.
  • Urban lands many often be subject to right of owner’s corporation. In such case you may have to seek permission for everything that you intend to do at that time or in future. You would also be asked to pay fees for using their land.
  • If you have acquired land in growth area then you should inquire if there are any additional charges that are to be paid for growth infrastructure.
  • Some locations invite fire and flood risks. Ensure first about its implication and insurances that are required before you decide to buy such land areas.
  • Buying rural land also requires you to look after many possibilities. Check if the land that you are looking for is close to farmland. In such case you may be affected by noise and poor smell. You may not be allowed to take off native vegetation even it that is a hurdle to you. You may not be allowed to construct new structure.
  • You also need to check for any mining activity carried out in rural area. There may be activities like exploration, quarrying, green house gas generation, petroleum extraction or geo thermal extraction carried out. In such cases you may need permit or license to buy land in such area.
  • One another thing to be considered is if the land was occupied previously. Then there may be problems related to soil or ground water availability.
  • Most importantly look for the correct measurements. The plan and numbers on the paper should match the actual size and fencing of the land area. In case of doubt get in touch with a lawyer.
  • With each land there are rules and guidelines as far as planning is concerned. The construction, design, layout and elevation will depend upon the land acquired. You will have to get to know this from the concerned council. If you need to know about the developments that are going to place in nearby areas then you must contact corporation or council. The development of nearby land may affect your premises.
  • Look for safety. There may be construction nearby or some electrical issues that can result on safety issues. Always check for the site progress, ask for its authentication.
  • You may end up paying for utility services especially in rural areas. Check for the same. As a buyer you have the right to know your land specifications and nearby engagements. You should understand the terms and condition and if you think you are not able to then you should considering lawyers or experts for the same.